Rejected Stone

August 23, 2020

Mark 12:1-12

You can lease a car for five years at a “low” price. You can drive it. You can care for it. You can wash it. You can get the windows tinted. You can get the best music system known to man. You can do that, but none of it means that you are the owner of the car. Despite all the money that you might put on it and all the hard work, the car still is the property of the company from which you leased it. No matter how much you love the car or how used you are to this car, it is simply not yours. The same is true for the church. The religious leaders had been in charge for so long that they had started to believe that they were the owners. They felt that they could dictate purpose and vision. This was so much the case that they felt justified in killing the Masters’ son when He came to reclaim what was always His! As if that would make them owners! Christianity does not belong to us. Christ is King. We are Christ’s servants. No matter how long it has been since the master visited the property, it still belongs to Christ. This is God’s church.

What is the worst experience you have had renting or lending something of yours to someone else? What happened?

Why do you think the level of aggression increases through the parable? What was Jesus trying to say?

What right does the Owner of the church have that we do not have as His servants?

How would you have felt if you were one of the religious leaders hearing the words of Jesus for the first time?

If you are honest, which of these characters are you most like and why?

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