In This I Believe: An Almighty God

October 18, 2020  

Isaiah 44:1-8 

Have you ever been given the runaround in a medical, government, or customer service office? “No, you have to go to the other office first and then come here.” “Unfortunately, you have to have the signature of this other person and then we can help you.” Nobody can do anything. Everyone needs permission from another. That is not the case with God. In reality, God is completely different. God does not need anyone’s signature or help from anyone to fulfill his purpose. God is completely independent. Everything created was created by Him. His love for you is pure for he does not need anything from you. He can get by without you and yet God loves you. 

When was the last home project you did? How did you go? 

Think back to verse 2, how does the first part of the verse give value to the second part of the verse? 

Why is it important for you to know in your life that God is “the first and the last?” How would your relationship with God be different if he could only say “I am the fourth and third to last?” 

God calls his people “witnesses.” How are you a witness in your life to the fact that there is no other God but the Lord? 

In what area of your life do you need to believe that God really is almighty?

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