Habakkuk: From Doubt to Faith

October 4, 2020  

Habakkuk 1:2-73:16-18 

Have you ever noticed how children have very short memories when it comes to their own mistakes but they have very long memories when it comes to their brothers’/sisters’ mistakes? “Mom, he did not wash the dishes like you asked him!” “Yes, and you did the same thing just two days ago! How can you possibly complain?” It is easy to see this dynamic in our children. Nonetheless, this limited perspective often affects our faith. We tend to focus only in the immediate and loose perspective of the eternal. Doubt is always short sided focusing on the immediate outside of the context of the eternal. On the other hand, faith by nature has an eternal perspective. Faith sees the current only in the context of the eternal. Doubt tries to judge an eternal God only in the context of our current immediate situation. Faith does the very opposite. Faith places our current situation in the context of an eternal relationship with God. 

As a childdid you ever blame a sibling for something that you did all the time? Explain. 

Read Habakkuk 1:1-4. What about these words relate to your current reality? 

Read Habakkuk 1:5-11. What is most surprising about God’s response to youWhy? 

Why do you think that Habakkuk struggles with God’s plan of action? 

In Habakkuk 3, Habakkuk is able to have faith only after rememberingWhy is remembering so important for our faith journey? 

What God wants you to remember now?

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