Bless the Community in Mission

September 6, 2020James 1:22-27

As disciples we live on a mission to our local community. We see ourselves as missionaries called to serve the city of Kissimmee, FL in the name of Christ. We pick up the cause of the orphan, the widow and the oppressed as our own. Although we could ignore the pain and suffering of the surrounding community for our own convenience, we could not possibly be disciples of Christ and ignore the world for which He gave His life for. How can we profess to have his priorities if we do not care about the people that He cares about? As disciples we see the world through the eyes of Jesus and like Jesus, we also are moved to make sacrifices to bless the world we live in. In the words of James, to do less is to make our religion impure and faulty.

When is the last time that you blessed someone else through your resources, work or presence? Describe your experience.


What do you think James is trying to teach us with the mirror illustration in verse 23?

Why does James believe that “looking intently at the perfect law” is the beginning of the perfect life?

Do you think that James is too harsh, too soft or just right in his criticism of “worthless religion?” Why?

If you had to score your religion on a scale 1-10 based on verse 27, what score would you give yourself? Why? How could you grow in this area? 

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