Casa de Paz

Aquí en Casa de Paz no podemos parar de cantar y hacer música para el Señor. Ofrecemos una variedad de oportunidades musicales para que nuestros miembros crezcan y puedan desarrollarse. Ya seas músico, cantante o alguien que disfruta trabajando con tecnología, una vez que decidas tomar el rol aquí en Casa de Paz, ya eres parte del equipo de adoración. Si tienes esa pasión o te gustaría saber más, nos encantaría hablar contigo.


It does not matter if you have not sung with us for a while, never thought you would sing again, or just not sure what to think; you are welcome to join us. Just be open minded, flexible, and willing to be led by the holy spirit. Our focus is to be spirit led, not perform; win souls for Christ. We love great music and we will definitely give our absolute best, but we must not forget our purpose in leading worship.

We have an opportunity to grow and worship through the Arts as well as the traditional models we have grown to know. Adding a drama department to enhance our Easter and Christmas cantatas will be a beautiful ministry.

Choir rehearsals start at 6:45 p.m at the second floor of the administration building.

Everyone is welcome in God's house! Be prepared to see COMMUNITY when you serve here.