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Excerpt from 2016-17 Handbook



General Policy

The First United Methodist School & Child Care Center requires uniforms for students enrolled in grades K through 5, with a modified dress code and uniform requirement for middle school, grades 6 - 8. Specific uniform requirements are included in the enrollment folder, on the school web site, and are also reproduced in the following section.  Additional copies of the uniform policies are available in the office. Please be sure to note the uniform policy for appropriate grade levels, as well as types and styles of shoes and shoe laces. 


Preschool students may wear normal play clothes, except for field trips and class pictures, at which time preschoolers must wear the blue spirit T-shirts.  Clothing should always be clean and in good repair, and students should come to school clean each day.  Select shoes that give support and allow freedom of movement.  Shoes that slip off easily, including sandals, inhibit activity; therefore, preschoolers must wear shoes that have a closed toe and back and wear socks that are visible above the shoe.  For the safety of the children, no boots or raised heels are allowed (low sole/low heel.)

For all children, please mark any removable clothing, books, toys, diaper bags, or any other items with your child’s first and last name.  Dress your child in clothing that is durable and comfortable (uniforms are required for elementary students.)  Since we go outside whenever possible, even in cooler weather, dress children accordingly.  Headgear such as hats or caps is prohibited.

Child Care - For your child’s comfort and well-being, please send extra diapers, if warranted, and a change of clothes.  Children 2 ½ and under must have a change of clothes.  Some disposable diapers will be on hand, but you are urged to send enough for your child’s needs.

Kindergarten – Fifth Grade


First United Methodist School requires students in kindergarten through eighth grade to wear uniforms Monday through Friday.  Only uniforms from the official supplier are acceptable.  The official uniform supplier is Sir Walter Uniforms.  Uniform sale dates to be announced.  Their toll free number is 1-800-621-8263.

School Uniform Choices                  
*Starred items must carry the school logo.

     *red, navy, gray, or white short-sleeved polo

     *white, red, or navy long-sleeved polo

      white uniform blouse (may only be worn under the jumper)

     *navy and white striped rugby shirt (long sleeve only)

       navy or khaki shorts

     *plaid jumper (must wear *polo shirt or white uniform blouse under jumper)

       plaid skort

       navy or khaki skort (2nd grade & above)

       navy or khaki capris (2nd grade & above)

       navy or khaki pants

     *navy jacket

     *navy sweater

     *navy sweatshirt

     *navy zipper sweat jacket

       spirit t-shirt for sale in the school office (field trips and Fridays only)


      SHOES - white, brown, black, gray, or navy; closed toe and back (All shoes must be

more than 50% approved color; low sole and low heel, no glitter, lights,

graphics, neon or floral sneakers, prints, or shoes.  No boots of any kind, even as part of a

“No Uniform” day. 

      SHOESTRINGS – white, brown, black, or navy. A very small amount of additional color       is allowable.

      SOCKS - Plain white, brown, black, or navy sox (any length)

Girls may wear solid white, navy, brown or black tights during cold weather.  Leggings are not allowed unless utilizing a “No Uniform” pass.

BELTS: Black, Navy, or Brown belts only are required (no cut-off loops).


      Only jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, or sweat jacket purchased from Sir Walter may be worn during school hours for warmth.  In case of severe weather, (45 degrees and below) winter coats may be worn when students are outside the classroom.

Uniforms are required for field trips unless otherwise stated.

Uniforms purchased through the School’s Used Uniform Sale must follow the guidelines listed above. Only girls 2nd grade & above may wear the solid color skorts or capris.                                                                 

Individual and group pictures require the school uniform excluding rugby shirts.  Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair, as well as, appropriate size.  Students currently enrolled in a bona fide scouting program may wear the official scout uniform or the official scout t-shirt with Sir Walter Uniform pants or shorts on the day of the scout meeting.  Camp T-shirts, soapbox derby T-shirts, etc. are not allowed unless the child is using a “no uniform” pass for the day.  


Uniforms are required Monday – Friday according to the specific uniform requirements included in the enrollment folder.  Students are allowed to wear the school T-shirt instead of the normal uniform shirts with uniform pants or uniform shorts on Fridays only. Spirit Shirts may be purchased in the school office. Uniform clothing must be kept in good repair and should fit the student properly.  Students should come to school clean each day.

Please note which days your child has PE, and be sure your child wears appropriate shoes and clothing as defined by the PE teacher.  Your child may have to sit out of PE if the shoes or clothes are deemed inappropriate. The grading code will reflect this non-participation.

All K – 5th graders must have shirts tucked inside shorts and pants at all times. Belts must be worn with all pants. Students currently enrolled in a bona fide scouting program may wear the official scout uniform or the official scout T-shirt with Sir Walter uniform pants or shorts on the day of scout meetings.  Camp T-shirts, boxwood derby T-shirts, etc. are not allowed unless the child is using a “no uniform” pass for the day.

Field Trips

Preschool students are required to wear the designated field trip T-shirt for any trips.

All elementary and middle school students must wear their school uniforms or the spirit T-shirt with uniform bottoms (elementary) on all field trips, including overnight trips, unless otherwise notified. The teacher in charge will provide additional information or clarification, as necessary.  Students are strongly urged to wear the school spirit T-shirt on field trips so chaperones may more easily recognize members of the group and classroom teacher has the option to make this mandatory for the trip.

Casual Days

“No Uniform” dress is “modest Christian apparel.”  Please consult handbook guidelines.

Periodically a casual day may be given to the school at large, a specific class, or a particular student may receive a “no uniform pass.”  The guideline regarding casual attire for all students is “modest Christian apparel.”  Shirts with inappropriate sayings, shorts or dresses that are more than 2 inches above the knee, bicycle shorts, cut-off shorts, shorts with a frayed or fringed hem, bare midriffs, muscle shirts, tank tops or tank dresses, deep necklines or gaping arm holes, clothing that is too tight or in disrepair, boots, and sandals are unacceptable for school use.  Tops worn must cover the shoulders by more than 2 inches.  Shoes worn on casual days must adhere to the uniform code given above; that is, closed toe and back, low sole and low heel, and boots are not allowed. 


For the safety of the child/student, jewelry should be limited.  Dangling earrings for preschool and elementary students are inappropriate and therefore not permitted.

Hats,  Hair, and Nails

Hats, caps, bandanas, and other headgear should not normally be worn in the classroom.

Students’ bangs should be cut or adjusted to prevent hair from being in the eyes. (Girls may use barrettes or hair accessories)  Hair covering a child’s eyes can be a distraction both to the child and also to the teacher. Boys’ hair must be no longer than the bottom of the ear and should not touch the collar of the shirt at the nape of the neck. Extreme hairstyles and colored or highlighted hair are inappropriate. Mohawks and long hair on boys are examples of inappropriate styles.

Students’ nails are to be natural while at school. Nail polish is permitted, but acrylic, gel, press-on, or any other artificial nail enhancement is not allowed. If your child desires to have nail enhancements, it should be saved for programs only and capable of being removed before school the next day. Nail enhancements interrupt the child’s focus during the school day.


“Heelys” or any footwear with wheels is inappropriate for school or any area of our campus, including before and after school activities.  Shoes for all children must have a closed toe and a closed heel. Boots or shoes with a high heel more than ½ inch are not permitted.  See 10.1, 10.2, and 10.4 for additional information.

10.9     Middle School, Sixth – Eighth Grade                     


Dress Code and Sir Walter Uniform* Changes for Middle School Only                                                                                                           
(6th – 8th unless noted otherwise)

*Sweat Jacket ~ Navy for both elementary and middle school with school name and dolphin mascot logo; black for middle school (6th – 8th) only
*Hoody Pull-Over Sweatshirt ~ Navy for middle school only (6th-8th grades)
*Shirts (tucked in) ~ Light blue, black, navy, gray, and white for middle school (6th - 8th)
Pants, Shorts, Capris, and Skirts ~ any uniform or non-uniform in khaki, navy, or black. A small logo or embroidery is permitted on the back pocket of the pants; however, no writing is permitted elsewhere. Middle school (6th-8th grades). Pants/shorts/skirts/skorts/capris do not have to be Sir Walter, but they must come to the waist; must be modest and correct in fit. No tight or form-fitting attire. No cargo shorts or pants. No overly baggy pants or shorts.
All shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee cap.
On Fridays ~ Dark blue or black jean pants, skirts, capris, or shorts (no holes, accents, or cut-offs); School Spirit Shirts; official school club shirts; may be untucked
Shoes: any closed toe with a full-fitting back, ½” or less heel, any color
Girls may wear sleeveless tops and dresses on No Uniform Days, but straps must be at least 2 ½ inches wide, and arm openings must fit properly and not gap.
No unnatural hair color.
Earrings must hang no more than 1” (must be removed for PE).
Students must wear shorts or pants for PE.
Belts (any color) must be worn every day that a shirt is to be tucked in or is essential to keep pants up. Please be moderately conservative in color and accents.
All sock lengths and colors are acceptable. 
If not otherwise stated, all other school dress code requirements apply.




School Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Summer 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Kindergarten - 7th:
8:20 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Child Care:
6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

8:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.


School Telephone

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Fax: 407-847-8997

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Persuant to USC 2000d: First United Methodist Church, School, and Child Care does not discriminate on the ground of race, color, or national origin and extends to all students the same rights, privileges, programs, and activities. The non-discrimination policy applies equally to its educational policies, scholarships, and other school or child care administered programs.