Monday                           5/29/2017

All Day                            CHURCH, SCHOOL & CHILDCARE CLOSED    

Tuesday                           5/30/2017

6:00 PM                            Handbell Choir                                      Assembly Room

6:30 PM                            Busy Women                                        AD142

7:00 PM                            Community Chorus                                Assembly Room

Wednesday                   5/31/2017                                                 

5:00 PM                            Chamber Ringers                                   Assembly Room

5:30 PM                            Chamber Singers                                   Assembly Room

6:00 PM                            Men's Ensemble Rehearsal                     Assembly Room

6:00 PM                            Women's Ensemble Rehearsal                Sanctuary

6:00 PM                            Fuel School's out party                           Youth room and playground

7:00 PM                            Chancel Choir Rehearsal                         Assembly Room

8:00 PM                            Casa de Paz Worship Practice                Fellowship Hall

Thursday                         6/1/2017                                                   

7:00 PM                            Venture Crew                                         Youth Room

Sunday                             6/4/2017                                                   

6:30 AM                           Contemporary Worship Rehearsal Sanctuary

8:15 AM                           Traditional Worship                                  Sanctuary

9:40 AM                           Sunday School                                        Misc

9:40 AM                           Contemporary Worship                             Sanctuary

10:30 AM                         Chancel Choir Rehearsal                          Assembly Room

11:00 AM                         GenYsis Adult Sunday School                  Admin.Bldg. 142

11:00 AM                         Traditional Worship                                  Sanctuary

11:00 AM                         Children's Sunday School                         Youth Room

11:00 AM                         Bi-Lingual Worship                                   Fellowship Hall

3:30 PM                            Worship Celebration                                Shingle Creek UMC

6:00 PM                            Prayer Walkers                                       Courtyard


Rev. Wayne Cook


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8:15am & 11:00am Traditional

9:40 am Contemporary

11:00am Bi-lingual (in Fellowship Hall)


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